About Us


Big Dick's Hot Sauce was founded in 2016 by Rich Beetlestone. Just your average guy that had a real hankering for both Chicken Wings & Hot Sauce. And that's how it all began!

The OG sauce, our first product, was the scrumptious result of cooking endless amounts of chicken wings for friends and family from his home in Kent. Using the trial and error tactic, he wanted to take his sauce recipe up a notch to something unique... not realising just what he'd done. Big Dick's quickly became to spread across the country.

We are most definitely a small batch business, and to this day, Rich is the only employee and remains focused on making great and consistent products.

Big Dick's Hot Sauce most certainly honour’s the best in Flavour, Fire, and Fun! So, prepare to have your grub soar to levels you can only dream of!

Stay Rad. Stay Saucy.


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